International Confederation of Shepherds

The International Confederation of Shepherds was established in 2011 on the pastures
of South Moravia, in the Czech Republic, on the continent of Europe. In addition to
shepherding in the fields, its members are involved in the research, publication,
editorial, artistic, literary, sociological, and philosophical sides of shepherding,
and they don’t fear mystical, psychedelic, or surrealist trips outside everyday bustle.

The International Confederation of Shepherds stands behind the idea of free shepherding
because a herd of animals with a shepherd and their trusted dog form an integral part
of the landscape. For this reason, we are engaged in the issue of ensuring landscape
connectivity as well as the aesthetic and ethical aspects of the relationship among humans,
the landscape, and animals. Our main activities include publishing books with pastoral themes,
putting on exhibitions, and activist campaigns to support world peace. In 2017, we published
the second volume of the book Shepherd’s Almanac, on which we cooperated with, among
others, American photographer and shepherd Cat Urbigkit, ethnologist Marsha Weisiger,
and poet and philosopher Peter Lamborn Wilson.

The International Confederation of Shepherds stands behind creation based on the principle
of DIY/DIT and Czech underground tradition, redefined in the conditions of digital capitalism.
To finance our activities, we do not accept money from state grants, subsidies, donations,
or other forms of commercial or state financing. The majority of expenses connected to
publishing and further creation are paid by the shepherds themselves from their income
from shepherding.