The Shepherd’s Almanac

The book Shepherd’s Almanac took shape over the course of four years and follows up on
the first volumeof The Shepherd’s Almanac that was published in 2012. Although it is written
in the Czech language, we believe that the contributors to this book who do not speak
the language will nonetheless value its qualities, which are in many regards exceptional.
We aren’t interested in the adoration of sheep or in pastoralism as a phenomenon; our full
focus—with slight exceptions—is on the figure of the shepherd.


Shepherd, To Banditry!

This text is part of a longer work that takes the name Shepherd, To Banditry! The extract
we are presenting to readers focuses primarily on the conflict between shepherds and
the virtual world. Other parts of the book deal with the landscape and movement,
shepherds’ relationships with music and other art forms, ritual and pastoral transcendence,
and the conflict between shepherds and regular war. Given that the pastoral phenomenon
is very diverse, covering an immense scope of space and time, this text cannot be taken
as universal and has limited validity. The essence of this statement is our actual
movement over the landscape with herds of sheep and goats, our individual shepherding
sojourn in a given place at a given time.